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Jewel in the heart of Pelourinho… H.Stern


You may be familiar with the Brazilian jewellers H.Stern which has stores located internationally, including world-famous Harrods in Knightsbridge London.

If you’re a lover of all things beautiful, don’t be surprised to find yourself in drawn towards the H.Stern store located in the heart of Salvador’s historical district, Pelourinho.

Bahia’s influence has proudly found its way into two collections exclusive to the region.

One inspired by Indigenous Tupi-Guarani tribe, “Purangaw” meaning “beauty” and “happiness”. Delicate detailed prediction of highly skilled-crafted feathers in 18 carat gold pieces show on display. The staff are on hand to offer explanation behind each piece. Feathers are symbolic to the Indigenous people of Brazil meaning ‘to be closer to God’ and ‘lightness’.

The other collection which sought its source of inspiration from right outside the of the door of the store; “Orixás” symbols of Candomblé. Orixás are a strong representation of Afro-Brazilian culture with strong links to Africa in syncretism with Catholic Saints. Discover which symbol best represents you.

For more information collections visit the store in Pelourinho:
LGO Terreiro Jesus 17 – Pillory
Salvador, BA | CEP: 40026-010
( 71 ) 3322-7422


The staff offer excellent costumer service with a warm smile.

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