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I’ve got a strong connection to Brazil. Perhaps started from a young age when my dad mentioned I had Brazilian ancestry (guess you would be excited and curious too)!

In 2009 I visited Brazil for the first time. It was an amazing experience especially to see friends I’d made in London who returned to Brazil. I kept my promise that I’d visit them one day soon in Brazil and I stuck to it (not the most difficult promise to make admittedly)!

In 2010 I started a project inspired by my childhood curiosity of my Brazilian ancestry. Kai Li’s Tabom Project. I went to Ghana and interviewed the Brazilian Ambassador to Ghana and well as many elders from the Tabom community. I am proud to say I have been able to trace my Afro-Brazilian ancestry to Salvador, Bahia! My research doesn’t stop there. I plan to compile together a book about my ancestry and the Tabom community in Accra (Brazilian descendant community).

2012. Once again I have kept my promise (this time to myself) to return to Brazil to further my research. I hope to spend more time in Salvador and the north of Brazil.

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I took a short trip in 2009 to Argentina by flying into Santiago, Chile, and taking a bus from there through the Andes to the lovely city of Mendoza. The journey was exciting (it not a bit scary at times through those tightly winding roads)! I had a great time in Mendoza visiting a winery and enjoying the night life… dancing away to reggaeton!

I’ve booked a cheap ticket to Buenos Aires for January 2013! It was a lucky find (though I arrive at crazy o’clock)! This is great because it save me two days than travelling by bus from Brazil (Sao Paulo). I’m looking forward to my first trip in 2013!


I was in Chile for a day both on my way to Mendoza and back. The first thing I noticed in Chile is that people stare! A lot! And openly! This was quite a shock to the system. For the longest time I simply put it down to racism. Thinking ‘what? you’ve never seen a black girl before?!’
But I hosted Mauricio from Santiago recently and he reassured me it had nothing to do with my skin colour. It’s a cultural thing. People stare. ‘Even at me!’ he volunteered, ‘I’m taller than the average Chilean man how do you think I feel?!’
So based on Mauricio’s theory I’d be happy to re-visit Chile and see it in a different light. And he says they have the best Pisco Sour. That’s a good enough excuse for me!

Guyana and Suriname

I’m taking BOLD leap by sub-heading Guyana and Suriname. I haven’t actually visited either of these countries. However I plan to in January from Salvador… by the cheapest way possible. Which is probably hitchhiking but no I won’t do that. I’m talking by bus. Unless I miraculously find a really cheap ticket… Stranger things have happened!

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