Visitors Book♥

Show some ♥

You’ve come from far and wide so why leave now without saying

“hi, ciao, salute, hallo, howdy, oi, holla, ola, bonjour, guten tag, hej…”

I didn’t add your language? Please sign my visitors book by leaving your name and country/state/city you’re from in the comment box. I’ll be sure to find out how to say Hi in your language!!

If you’d like to add a personal message, say what the weather is like today in your town, add the dialling code (it could come in handy!) or give me a travel tip please feel free to add!!

Let’s see which country gets the ball rolling!! Don’t be shy 😉

Thanks for passing through! Your support is much appreciated!

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16 thoughts on “Visitors Book♥

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  1. Hey Kai! this is Jesus, Venezuelan living in Canada. Nice blog! I love that you share your thoughts and opinions on your travel adventures.


  2. Kai,

    I haven’t had a chance to read thru everything but from what I can see, this is AMAZING! I am excited to be following your blog. So from Atlanta, Georgia I guess I will say “Hey ya’ll”


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