Ipanema’s girl…

If the world was to end at least I can say I was an Ipanema girl on the 21/12/2012 @Posto 9!

Later watched the sunset from Arpoador (rock), while naming 10 things I’m most grateful for… Not one materialistic thing was mentioned… #priceless!

I live to tell the tale!





Where were you the day the world ended?!



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  1. “Summer 1962. Rio de Janeiro. At the Veloso Bar, a block from the beach at Ipanema, two friends—the composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and the poet Vinícius de Moraes—are drinking Brahma beer and musing about their latest song collaboration….” (http://performingsongwriter.com/girl-from-ipanema/)

    Yes indeed! A new girl in Ipanema… However it was just for oneday. I returned to the beach many other times and its been so packed its hard to be in the lime light amongst so many (beautiful) people!

    Well, there was a bit of a small crazy but nothing over-whelming. Glad the world continues to spin!

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  2. How wonderful it is to see that part of the world through your photos & words Kai… I can almost envision myself right there.
    I’ve heard that the real ‘Girl from Ipanema’ can be spotted taking walks in the area & she is as beautiful as when the song was written. But I hear there’s a new girl in Ipanema 🙂
    By the way, was there a furore about ‘the end of world’ there?

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