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A Black British Girl’s Travel Perspective of a Global Village…

Travelmakerkai blog

Formally TravelmakerKai.com (until that domain was taken stolen! UPDATE: got my .com back!)

Firstly, thanks for passing through! I’d consider Travelmaker Kai blog my first digital love; my hub for sharing travel experiences, ideas, projects and self-development since 2012.

Travel-maker, not trouble-maker… Get it?

Despite intermittent breaks (university and other freelance projects), and losing my .com domain to a ‘fake retailer’, I’m excited to be back on Travelmaker Kai sharing my journey as a black female solo traveller, and diverse narratives of people I meet… The world truly goes feel like a Global Village!

Here’s something About Travelmaker Kai

travelmakerkai | salavdor wrapstar accessories photoshoot

I’m Kai, a British-Ghanaian brand curator, Travel Confidence guide, soon-to-be-published author, visual artist and content creator from London, UK.  And, yes, I’d consider myself a travel fanatic… In fact I could easily justify buying a plane ticket as opposed to materialistic “necessities” society demands we own. So when life gets on top of me (too often too soon), my special remedy is to pack a case, my laptop and camera, and take  a flight somewhere… More often than not, I come back feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life has in stall for me.

Early travels

We climbed the Great Wall of China!
With my dad: We climbed the Great Wall of China 1999

My first solo travel experience was aged 20 when I booked a ticket to Ghana and ended up staying for almost a year. Prior to that I’d only ever travelled with my parents or family member, so this first solo experience taught me a lot – I learnt to toughen up quickly to say the least! Since then I’ve spent much of my 20’s using travel as means to develop my craft as a journalist, humanitarian and at it’s simplest, a curious human being.

I have a background in theatre, film and photography. I’ve also done some modelling in the past which was a great opportunity for me to travel. I love fashion, and when I travel i try to support local independent designers.

Some set-backs along the way…

Going back at university (the fee increase was a wake up call) as a ‘mature’ student was a big challenge for me. It was in my final year that I discovered I was dyslexic which felt like a revelation – it made so much sense! However, it also hindered my love for writing and I backed away from ‘writing like no one is reading‘ as I used to.

Creating various blog platforms has allowed me a level of freedom of expression that being in a systematic learning space took away from me…

travelmakerkai | salvador baiana wrapstar

How Kai got her ‘MoJo’ back!

These days I tend to travel light (equipment wise that is!), using my camera phone in typical millennial style to do everything as MoJo – mobile journalist, including to film and capture professional photos on the go. The benefits of using a mobile phone device is that it’s discreet and less intimidating than using expensive, often bulky professional equipment. I also edit on the go on my phone or laptop to upload directly onto social – Bish-bash-bosh – job done!

Diversify the blogosphere..

This blog serves as a space to contribute diverse perspectives into the blogosphere by sharing my travel experiences, the stories of the amazing people I connect with around the world, general ramblings, ideas, new projects, and my love for culture, music, fashion and food! Who knows where this journey will take us…

Now that you’re here show some love!

Travelmakerkai Hustle

I don’t rely on ads, sponsored posts or commissions to travel and share stories from the diaspora on my blog. The majority of my projects are self-funded. If you’d like to support my hustle, you can make a contribution in the form of a donation by paying securely with PayPal. Use this link www.paypal.me/travelmakerkai. Sending gratitude in advance!

You can also show love in others ways by leaving comments on posts, sharing, and subscribing to my platform!

Much love,

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18 thoughts on “About Kai☚

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  1. Wow Kai ! I totaly can reflect a part of you in me (spontaneous, travel, connecting with people, sharing stories, supporting people, fashion…self-developement) can’ wait to built a project with you. I love the way you whrite and it mirror your sincerity, your true-self. I wish I was good as you..well I’m learning.
    You inspire me to start over sharing my stories on my blog. However, as I want to start a youtube chanel I don’t know if I’d be fully engaged. And Iam 100% sharing on Instagram.
    Anyway, I enjoy watching you connecting with people and be commited to live your best life.
    Love you Kai, x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi BoldGirlPower! Thank you for your kind words 🙌🏾✨

      I’m so glad you can relate, in a sense that’s the reason why I continue to write this blog!

      There is no comparison who you can be as good as. Your stories and experiences are unique to you – only you can tell them in the best way – whatever way that is!

      I’m Queen of procrastinating, so I know what you mean about being engaged to share on YouTube but minha Amiga, when the time is right you will know and you will do it!

      I can wait too for us to collaborate!! Thank you for your support with this blog and The Soho Girl 🙌🏾✨😘 🤗


  2. Good look with your project! Traveling, meeting people, sharing culture and sometimes even speaking the country language is a passion for me too! I’ll be following your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! It’s mostly about traveling, experiences, food / recipies & sharing thoughts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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