StreetSpace for London Campaign

As London begins to ease lockdown restrictions, and the capital slowly opens up again, TFL (Transport for London) is encouraging us to find new ways of travelling if London is to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tabom in Accra for the ‘The Year of Return’…

2019 has been dubbed 'The Year of Return' by Ghana's Tourism Board who's campaign to acknowledge 400 years since the first Trans-Atlantic slave ships left its shores for North America (Virginia), has attracted the Black Diaspora - particularly those from North America, to visit Ghana. The Year of Return is particularly symbolic in my journey... Continue Reading →

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How Kai Got Her #MoJo Back in Brazil!

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is one of my all-time favourite films! On many levels I can relate to Stella (played by the amazing Angela Bassett); a forty-something, highly successful corporate black woman from San Francisco who is persuaded by her friend to take a well deserved, first-class vacation to Jamaica in an attempt... Continue Reading →

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Mombasa Music Jam: “Haifai/ You Cheated”

  Fridays are great for so many reasons - the start of the weekend and also an opportunity to #FlashbackFriday and share some amazing moments I might have missed out on sharing on this blog... Take this 'Another Travelmakerkai Experience' in Mombasa, Kenya for example. Let's flash back to January 2017, I happened to have... Continue Reading →

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My Soho Times magazine launch!

It's been a busy few month - hence no recent travel updates! Believe it or not, I've managed to stay put in London without having itchy feet to get on a plane... And that's because I'm launching a magazine to showcase the most dynamic part of London - Soho! Remember when I was back from... Continue Reading →

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