StreetSpace for London Campaign

We all need a wake-up call every now and then to signal new beginnings. Mine came in the form of a WhatsApp text, not an alarm clock. See, prior to the text, I’d made it a habit to dwell in self-pity; ‘rona stole my routine – and work, from right under my feet! I was probably tucking into yet another Gü caramel cheesecake pot (make that two) whilst on the sofa watching Netflix when the ‘wake-up’ text came through… I’d been booked to model in a TFL shoot!

Finally, something to get me out of my lockdown blues!

StreetSpace campaign Photo: Nick Turpin for TFL
Streetspace campaign: encouraging Londoners to walk and cycle to their destinations

As London begins to ease lockdown restrictions, and the capital slowly opens up again, TFL (Transport for London) is encouraging us to find new ways of travelling if London is to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. TFL’s partnership with London’s local authorities on the Streetspace for London campaign is to encourage people to walk or cycle more often, relieving pressure on the roads and public transport networks. Those who have no choice but to use public transport can do so as safely as possible.

StreetSpace campaign Photo: Nick Turpin for TFL
Streetspace: Making it easier and safer for people to keep up social distancing

StreetSpace for London will:

  • Make it easier and safer for people to keep up social distancing
  • Avoid a sharp increase in car use. If people switch even a fraction of their previous journeys to cars, essential deliveries and emergency services will be gridlocked
  • Keep London’s air as clean as possible to protect everyone’s health and to reduce carbon emissions
  • Support those who are less mobile or cannot walk or cycle by limiting demand on public transport

StreetSpace campaign Photo: Nick Turpin for TFL

StreetSpace Campaign in the Metro Newspaper

You may have spotted the StreetSpace promotional feature wrapped around the Metro newspaper on Thursday 25th June (happened to be the hottest day of 2020, and my late mum’s birthday!) I took my niece Shay for a picnic in St James Park… I had a proud moment when she squealed ‘that’s my aunty!‘ as she turned to page 1! 

Travelmakerkai with Shay
Shay and I in our ‘bubble’ enjoying the recent lockdown restrictions

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this London-wide campaign… and I’m proud to say it was just the wake-up call I needed to kick out my lockdown couch potato habits – for good!

Travelmakerkai Metro newspaper
Summer 2020 has arrived!

Safespace photos by Nick Turpin for TFL. Special thanks to Paul Curtis for booking me.

Have you noticed Streetspace adjustments in your part of London? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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