Travelmaking Kai & Shay’s Day Out at Somerset House, London


I took my “almost 9” year old niece, Shay, to Somerset House for the exhibition “Get Up Stand Up Now”… I was reminded that when I was her age, I’d probably never visited an art galley or exhibition before, and certainly not in Central London, because it wasn’t easily accessible to people who look like me. Oh how things have/are changing!

It was so beautiful to watch her pick out her favourite pieces of work, read the information and make of it what she wanted of it; “I think I’ve heard of this before… This looks familiar” were some of her remarks – a wise girl beyond her years!

So inspired, this morning she woke you enthusiastic to write about it!

Shay’s Day Out
Shay’s Out at Somerset House
Putting in the work… Little millennial blogger!

Shay is my special guest blogger, sharing her experience at “Get Up Stand Up Now: Generations of Black Creative Pioneers! in her own words… With the help of her friend (a cartoon character I created), TravelmakingKai!


Today we went to Somerset house for an exhibition called “Get Up Stand Up Now.”

I really enjoyed the artwork because they were really imaginative and creative.

My favourite was the sculpture face of a man…He looked very familiar.

It was fun using the magnifying glass, Look at my eye!

Overall I had an AMAZING day with my auntie and my BEST FRIEND TravelmakingKai!

JOIN US AGAIN ON OUR NEXT JOURNEY! – written by Shay (oh subscribe to my youtube channel please ShaysWorldTV and DaStarBratz)








Shayanna Somerset House.jpg
Art is powerful, art is empowering, art is captivating – especially when we see ourselves represented! Special thanks to Shay for being the best niece I could ask for!… I think we have a future blogger on our hands ladies and gents!

Great day out at Somerset House with my niece Shay!

Get Up Stand Up Now: Generations of Black Creative Pioneers ends 15th September 2019!

Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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