Key Discoveries: 23 Tips and Recommendations for Jordan

With tourism at a peak, there’s no doubt Jordan has something to offer for all types of travellers. Whether it’s the urban buzz of downtown Amman you’re into, the spiritual serenity of Wadi Rum to unwind or wander in the wonders of Petra – you’ll find your perfect scenery match!

We continue our Key Discoveries series with Amman resident and fellow traveller, Keylee who shares her top tips and recommendations for Jordan including where to go, what to eat, and things to do!

Hanging out with Keylee – a highlight of my Jordan trip!

Cool sights in Amman:
1. Downtown aka ‘al balad’
2. The rainbow umbrella stairs
3. The Citadel

Things to do:
4. Visit a Turkish bath
5. Visit any salon (so affordable to pamper yourself in Jordan from nails, to hair, to waxing.

My fav Cafes:
6. Old View Cafe ( rainbow street – authentic vibe of Jordan with an amazing view)
7. Tammouz (argillah/ hookah/shisha – whatever you call it, yummy food!)
8. Jungle fever
9. Dali
11. Majnoon Qahwah (non-smoking)

Where to eat:
12. Hashem restaurant (oldest falafel/ meza-style restaurant in Amman also very cheap)
13. Gerard’s ice cream (location on rainbow street or in Abdoun)
14. Shams el balad (end of rainbow street – delicious brunch place that has local dishes made from local farm fresh produce)

Favourite things to eat in Jordan?
15. Maglouba (it’s a rice-based dish with usually chicken, eggplant, potato, and cauliflower cooked in a huge pot and then flipped upside down on a platter
16. Lemon and mint juice – a local favourite!
17. Stuffed vine leaves
18. Mashowee (grilled chicken or beef/lamb on the open coal fire) usually comes with whole grilled onions and tomatoes

Lemon and mind juice

Places to visit around Jordan outside of Amman:
19. Wadi Rum: majestic spiritual magical place!
20. Petra: Just because its a world wonder and must see at least once
21. Wadi Karak for hiking in mountainous area
22. Wadi Mujib for a wet hike
23. Dead Sea for a relaxing spa day

Travelmakerkai Petra
Petra ©travelmakerkai

Check out: Jordan has diverse landscapes which makes it ideal for adventure travellers. The Jordan Trail:

Purchase: buy a Jordan Pass before you arrive in Jordan. The Jordan Pass is a tourist pass that covers the cost of your visa and entry to most of the main attractions in Jordan including Petra.

Modesty: Jordan is overall liberal, yet still predominately conservative. Be mindful to not overexpose body parts such as legs and arms.

Disclaimer: Jordan is constantly evolving and changing…. Suggestions today can very well change tomorrow. Some restaurants in Jordan do not last long or they change their name (perhaps due to funding, lack of business marketing/management skills – who knows. All the above have been established for quite some time, except Dali, it is doing well now so I think it will stay a while)

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