When Rodallo came to London!!

Rodallo station in 2011

By now you’ve probably established I have a soft spot for this quaint traditional Piedmontese farm village called Rodallo. Neatly tucked away in the suburbs of Turin, in close proximity to neighbouring town Caluso.

When my ‘adopted’ Rodallo family- Elvio and Esta, told me they were coming to London… Well, it was only right that I finally return a favour by hosting them! A small token of my appreciation for the endless hospitality they offer me (and whoever I’m accompanied with) whenever I visit northern Italy.

My central London apartment is a far cry from their homely village farmhouse. But the plus side of it was that they got an exclusive taste of Soho! Walking distance from most tourist attractions and few tube stops from the rest of the ‘Rodallo group’ staying in nearby South Kensington. As well as English breakfast every morning prepared by myself 🙂

Myself and Rosa with our 'niece and nephew', and with Elvio and Esta.
Myself and Rosa with our ‘niece and nephew’, and with Elvio and Esta last summer!

My best friend Rosa, also an avid fan of Rodallo after I introduced her to the village last year, was on hand to bridge the language barrier. Rosa took the opportunity to announce to group of ‘over 60’s’ (except one member who proudly claimed she was ‘underage‘ and therefore ineligible for a travel discount!) that she has plans to move to Rodallo in the near future!… Even more reason for me to visit regularly!

Of course, the British weather was traditional as ever even at the start of our summer- grey! But never-the-less the Rodallo group had a blast!!

Here are a few pics from when the Rodallo came to London in June!



2 thoughts on “When Rodallo came to London!!

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  1. Hey,

    Well what can I say apart from it was amazing to see mum and dad out of the village, as well as the village out of the village.

    I Love Italy and I love RODALLO.

    Seriously I can’t wait to move there.

    Ciao for now!

    Fan numero uno

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