My TFL Cycle to Yoga video post-lockdown goes viral!

I woke up yesterday to a WhatsApp message from my cousin Rae “looking great on my Twitter feed cuz!”

What nice surprise, I thought. I hadn’t heard from Rae in while. I clicked on the click to be sure of what she was referring to. I have to admit my social media presence fizzled away with my enthusiasm particularly during the lockdown months so I couldn’t be sure it was anything I had posted… The real surprise would be the number of views on the TFL video sharing my cycle to yoga story… Over 3million views!

Once it was announced gyms would be re-opening end of July I put all my focus on waiting for that day to arrive… And when it finally did (a whole week after other gyms reopened!), image my disappointment when the yoga classes – my lifeline for life emergencies (even before catching a flight!) weren’t scheduled due to social distancing regulations. So instead of dwelling further into self-pity, I Googled ‘hot yoga classes London’. Bikram Yoga London popped up and what’s more they had a special 20 day offer. I’d fallen in-love (make that, addicted!) to practicing hot yoga at my local gym when it was introduced 3 years ago. This was my opportunity to try the original of hot yoga – Bikram!… However I wouldn’t have the luxury of classes being up the road from me this – the studio was in London Bridge.

Cue in the faithful Santander bike.

Cycling to London Bridge for yoga classes was the only option I was willing to consider, it was a no-brainer for me. Walking would take over an hour, and at that time I wasn’t comfortable taking public transport. So it was the Santander bikes which got me to classes each day from as little as £2. I even got to know Steve who’d recommend one of the newer bikes for me he’d freshly cleaned each morning.

Steve keeping the Santander bikes clean

Special thanks to Transport for London and DoGoodFilms for sharing my cycle to yoga after lockdown story. That period really was a transition to regaining my confidence again after a difficult and solitude lockdown… I don’t think I would have got my mojo back quite as quickly (or shed any of the 8kg weight I put on over 4 months being stuck indoors!) had it not been for my routine of cycling, and sweating in hot yoga classes!

Check out Bikram Yoga London for their 20 days for £40 introductory offer.

P.s You might recognise some of the shots used from my Around the World and Black teaser video. I’m still in talks with a production company about pitching to get it commissioned (things are extra slow due to the pandemic of course – I’ll keep you posted!) CLICK HERE to watch it!

Trying out a different cycle with a view… Railbiking in Greece!

I managed to get an off-season flight out of London… Stay posted on to find out where I’ve been (I’ll be writing My Soho Times‘ first travel article!) plus my plans to celebrate my birthday next month on a high…

Much love and light… Don’t forget to look after your mental and physical wellbeing. And as importantly, be kind to yourself and others.

Kai x

p.s please excuse any minor typos – I’m blogging on the go! Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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