You Know She’s The One…

imageYou know she’s the one because fate brought you together.

You’ve laughed together, wept together, sang together and played together.

You’ve shared silent moments together, awkward moments together and scary moments together.

You know she’s the one because despite all the arguments and all the fights, you still hold hands together.

You’ve made plans together, travelled together, shared ambition together.

I know she’s the one because I know how much she misses me when we’re not together.

But she patiently allows me to have my time to find myself, create myself and complete my inner self.

I know she’s the one because despite all we’ve been through, it’s fate that keeps us together.











Have you told your best friend how much you love them today?

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13 thoughts on “You Know She’s The One…

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  1. To my sister

    When I read the poem I felt so happy and proud to have a friend like you in my life (and yes I cried). We have had such experiences and memories that I love to think back and reminisce.

    If I can sum up the last 10 years I would say we smiled so hard we cried and we fought so hard we still cried. But in the end we had one thing always brought us closer LOVE.

    It’s true what they say, friends are the family we choose and you my sister are definitely habesha!

    We are now entering a new chapter in our lives, and I look forward to more holidays and moments for us to share.

    I only have one regret and that is the times we were apart, but as you said somehow fate always bought us

    I smile everyday with pride when I say “my best friend is in Brazil and has a press card, she is a journalist”

    I love you and I am proud of everything you’re doing, keep it up and can’t wait to see you.

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Big kiss from Yohannes

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    1. Great! Now I’m crying!!.. Sharing tears together despite the distance between us… I should have added that haha!

      Thanks for your lovely response. Yes of course I’m habesha!! You are the habesha part of me!!!

      Hugs and kisses to my little man. xxx

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