Wrapping up April

I can't believe just how quickly April has flown by. I haven't even had a chance to get over my post-travel blues. That's right. Despite being well prepared to give myself a soft landing when I returned to London after my travels from Brazil and Ghana, I've landed flat on my a***. Perhaps I should... Continue Reading →

You Know She’s The One…

You know she's the one because fate brought you together. You've laughed together, wept together, sang together and played together. You've shared silent moments together, awkward moments together and scary moments together. You know she's the one because despite all the arguments and all the fights, you still hold hands together. You've made plans together,... Continue Reading →

This Time Last Year… Lisbon

There are certain people that come into your life for a reason... And I'm not saying that Bev came into my life just for our Portugal trip together... Though it has been a highlight of our friendship (along with many, MANY others of course!) Every time I think about this trip to Lisbon, a smile... Continue Reading →

The Friends… All Seven!

It's quite common to have a travel partner, but to travel with seven of your closest friends is really an indulgence! And the lucky girl to have her friends with her as she celebrated her 21st birthday is Kim! The group from Cape Town, South Africa are spending 3 weeks in Brazil. They were hosted... Continue Reading →

Carnival has arrived early!

This weekend is an opportunity to experience carnival- for free! And we like FREE. Yes we- that's me, Jean and Alberto. An interesting trio we make. Myself from London, Jean from Belgium and Alberto (a travel journalist!!) from Italy. We share a common interest to experience the best of Rio! Yesterday was the first day... Continue Reading →

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