This Time Last Year… Lisbon

There are certain people that come into your life for a reason…

And I’m not saying that Bev came into my life just for our Portugal trip together… Though it has been a highlight of our friendship (along with many, MANY others of course!)

Every time I think about this trip to Lisbon, a smile magically comes to my face (usually followed by ‘laughing out loud!’)

I couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion than my friend and neighbour (very handy for sharing early morning breakfast together- just stroll down in my PJ’s)!

Having a disability should never get in the way of accomplishing your dreams! I’ve learnt so much from this strong woman and her ABILITY to not only be a loyal friend, but also a fantastic mother, mentor, activist, advocate… and a darn good listener!

Lisbon didn’t know what hit it when us two Londoners painted the town red LOL! Thanks to all our Lisbon family that showed us a great time… (Fernando we miss you!!)

Most of all, thanks Bev for being you!

Always smiling!!

Happy Birthday my friend!!

A few pics I gathered up… A little rough around the edges in a film-strip frame… That was our trip!!













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