Bogotá Highlights: Galería African Diaspora Opens to Showcases Afro-Colombian and African artists

My first introduction to Black culture in Colombia, having arrived fresh off the plane in Bogota, was a visit downtown for the opening of Galería African Diaspora... The irony of the gallery name and my mission to connect African-diaspora stories, didn't go unnoticed! Looking for Travel accommodation? Get £25 off Your First Airbnb booking or £9 off an Airbnb... Continue Reading →

Japan so far… Yet so near

  I'm 5950.877 miles from home... That's the furthest I've ever travelled, according to's calculations! I've been in Tokyo for a little over a week (excluding a quick trip to Seoul which I'll blog about in the next post), and lets just say its an 'interesting' experience. Yes interesting because unlike Marmite, I can't work... Continue Reading →

Boschetto-Chivasso festa!

There seems to be a reoccurring theme for the small villages dotted around Piemonte - there's always an excuse for a "festa"! So despite the down pour of rain that Italy faced last night, the first night of the week long "festa" in Boschetto, a community of Chivasso, in the countryside of Torino the party... Continue Reading →

Rodallo 2014: Festa del Pesce

My summer vacation starts with good food which means I'm in Italy for the Festa del Pesce in the Piemonte village Rodallo. I'm back for here for the second year running. You'll find me behind the bar serving mojitos! Bon appetito!

Amazing Nigeria…

When you think of a holiday destination in Africa, Nigeria may not be an obvious choice. However Angela Lipton - my first guest contributor - could change that as she reveals some hidden treasures of the West African nation... Amazing Nigeria. The beauty of Nigeria is proverbial and its cultural heritage, listed among the UNESCO Heritage Sites, is... Continue Reading →

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