Last week I got a message from a blog reader in Ghana saying he's nominated me for a Blog Camp Ghana Award! So I thought I'd get a momentum going if I am actually to make it to the voting process - I need lots of nominated first! It's nice to know my blogs are... Continue Reading →

African drumming… The tweet sound of Tel Aviv

It's the little things I love about this city... Yesterday evening I witnessed the sun setting over Jaffa city, absorbed the dynamic vibe of Tel Aviv just from a stroll along the beach and rediscovering the drummers beach where percussionists and lovers of music gather together celebrating the sounds from the African drum... I was in... Continue Reading →

Surely it gets better?… My “ripped-off” travel experience

Ripped off and p***ed off… But in a way it’s payed-off because I always meet the most amazing people on my travels! And that’s PRICELESS!
Though I think I’ve learnt my lesson now, and the only time I’ll be giving away extra cuts of my tight student budget is when I choose to tip someone! No more getting ripped off (if I can help it)!

the Educationally Frustrated student

I hate being ripped off – don’t we all? I probably wouldnt mind it if i was blissfully unaware! Depending on the amount, the scenario plays on repeat in my head until I eventually admit defeat… That could take anything from few hours to a few days!

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Discover Black Egypt

the Educationally Frustrated student


Earlier this week I met up with Black Egyptians author, Segun Magbagbeola for an interview (I’ll be posting it up soon) about his book which reveals the African origins of Ancient Egypt.

I’m currently boarding an EasyJet plane to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. I’ll be writing about my experience as a black African woman in Egypt and observing any trances of African origins during my short stay. Stay posted for more, and you can also find me on Travel Making Kai.

Below is a painting by talented writer and painter Cezanne Poetess. I met at The Mella Centre on Sunday where I also came across one of her many beautiful paintings. This one stood out for me… Maybe because I too will begin my spiritual journey in Egypt…

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iEat: Sweet like Modica

There’s delicious chocolate in Sicily… And I’m not talking about the dark skin beauties like myself 😉

the Educationally Frustrated student


If you’ve ever been to Sicily, I’m guessing you have a sweet tooth, right?… Don’t pretend you can resist the temptation of a cannoli!

But if you’ve made your way to Modica let’s face it, you really do have a sweet tooth, because Modica is home to Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. I dare you to find better chocolate in Italy… and I don’t count! :p


Modica’s oldest chocolate store is still standing strong for a good reason: they produce really good (and unique) chocolate. That plus the quirky vintage look of the store makes it must to visit.


And you know, they know, we know (just to complicate things) that their chocolate is pretty darn good because they’ve laid out a whole range of samples for customers to try! Now that’s how to get my attention 😉

It’s not just their chocolate that makes headlines for me, their…

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