The Educationally Frustrated Student… New Blog!

I’m going through that all too familiar phrase of starting a new blog. If feels like it was just yesterday that i was procrastinating about starting this one. Anxious about what people would think about my posts, and who would even read them? It was a daunting experience… but well worth it! I got connected to you amazing guys!

So I’ve decided it’s about time I stopped mixing business with pleasure; my student life and travel experiences. From now on they will be separate!

I’m taking the advice of the pros who told me tirelessly, find your niche and stick to it. Thankfully there is no rule about having more than one blog to cater for various niches!

I’ll still be needing your support so please check out my student blog The Educationally Frustrated student (basically the efed student)!

When things are looking a little dry on Travel Making Kai, you know where to find me… In the Lecture room!


Stay turned for my wrap of November…. Finding Autumn sun and learning how olive oil is made, in Palermo Sicily.

Be the first to know about my Winter get away plans!… Just one more week to go with University and I’ll be done for the Christmas 🙂

Kai x

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