Tour Guide to Rio de Janeiro


The best way to see Rio de Janeiro is with a local who can show you not only the important tourist attractions, but also the hidden gems the city has to offer.

Meet Rodrigo Pires. He has worked as a Tour Guide in Rio for 7 years. Extremely passionate about his job he tells me,

“I love my job! I love meeting new people and showing them this wonderful city…”

As we take a drive from Copacabana to ‘Cariocas favourite beach- Prainha‘, Rodrigo adds

“In this job you must have patience…”

And patience he has in abundance as I ask to stop very few miles for a picture!

Think of Rodrigo as a talking guild book… But one with a great sense of humour… Very important! There’s no doubt he’s good at his job. As our day ends he gets a call from an Italian client thanking him for a tour he gave.


He responds over the phone as he ends his conversation with a happy costumer.

Rodrigo holds a Tour Guild licence for Brazil and South America. He speaks Portuguese, Italian and English.

For more information on tours Rodrigo offers and to get a quote please contact him:

Guia de Turismo
Nacional e International

Tel: +55 21 9759-728

Rodrigo shows a tourist the views and gives information about the city

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