MAM: Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro

The building it's self is a stand alone piece, exhibiting concrete curves and sharp symmetrical lines. Intriguing exhibitions of Brazilian and South American modern art. It's worth a look at their book shop which is very basic, but houses an interesting selection of art and photography books. Overall, a very good flow... Av. Infante Dom... Continue Reading →

This Time Last Year… Israel

This time last year I was in Israel. How can approx 365 days have flown by so fast? Despite the political issues (I'm not getting into that topic), I had a great experience in Israel. I've been meaning to go back but as alway time (and many other factors) prevent this. I met Vondi at... Continue Reading →

The Friends… All Seven!

It's quite common to have a travel partner, but to travel with seven of your closest friends is really an indulgence! And the lucky girl to have her friends with her as she celebrated her 21st birthday is Kim! The group from Cape Town, South Africa are spending 3 weeks in Brazil. They were hosted... Continue Reading →

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