It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Even here in Brazil! I’m amused when I see christmas tress, decorations and even a Santa’s grotto in a shopping centre! For some reason I’ve registered Christmas (the novelty of it) as being a western thing. I continue to look in amazement as the season draws closer.
Christmas in Brazil is celebrated with family on the 24th december. Tomorrow I get a bus to Minas Gerais to spend the holiday with my friend Vivi who I met in London.

My sister and I exchange gifts
My sister and I exchange gifts, west-end christmas lights

Else where; in London. As much as I complain about the winter and streets filled with people shopping, I do like the atmosphere of ‘Christmas cheer’ as I walk down west-end viewing the lights and extravagant window displays. Of course it isn’t long before a tourist stops in my path and I abandon the mission of christmas shopping for the comfort of on-line shopping. ‘Sod Christmas cheer’ I curse to myself.

Before I left for Brazil I exchanged gifts with my sister Mel. When it comes to giving gifts she truly is ‘simply the best!’ I’m more of a ‘choose what you want and I’ll buy it.’ Or in most cases ‘pick a destination’ which has seen us travel together to Italy, Czech Republic, Holland and most recently in November, Morocco.

Christmas is a time to spend with family, and although I’m away from mine, I’m most grateful that I have a family that understands my need to travel and experience new cultures.

When I told my mum I wouldn’t be spending Christmas with her she simple said;

“ah ok. Don’t worry you go and enjoy yourself. The girls (my sisters) will be here with me.”

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas novelty in Brazil!
Christmas novelty in Brazil!

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