Eat, Pray, Love… And Samba!

Twice this month I’ve been referred to Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel about ‘One woman’s Search for Everything’ after mentioning my trip to Brazil.

So I bought the book- Eat Pray Love on Amazon and it’s arrived in the tick of time as it’ll make a good ‘beach read’ for my Brazil trip. Less than a week to go…

I’m not sure if my quest is in search of everything… But certainly eat, pray, love and samba are amongst the basics I hope to do with ease during my time in South America.



3 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love… And Samba!

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    1. i’ve started reading the book… i can’t say i can relate to a mid-30’s woman going through a divorce so i almost put the book down.. but then she starts about travels to Italy. Getting a bit more interesting…

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