Brown Seoul: Hip-Hop culture in South Korea’s capital

Since opening its doors in a basement location in HapJeong 합정, Brown club aka Brown Soul / Seoul has continued to provide a service offering locals and visitors alike a haven for hip-hop, funk, soul and R’n’B in South Korea’s capital. I had the opportunity to experience “Hip-Hop” culture in Seoul earlier this year… 

Discovering soul-funk music around the age of about 10, DJ Locksoul’s career has spanned across the art forms of dance and music making him an iconic Hip-Hop figure in Korea. “The reason we made this club was because I like going out to clubs but, I couldn’t really party my way because of the music. Every time I went to the club I was craving to hear the music I’ve liked since back in the day.” DJ Locksoul explains an interview by Maja and Janelle, proud patrons of Brown (see blog post Seoul siSTARS: Black Girls Rock Korea). Linking up with DJ Jeff to turn their love of ‘good music’ into a tangible reality, the duo opened Brown Soul / Seoul for business on the 16th November 2012. And the rest you can say, is history. “We really don’t distinguish the genre, we just play the good stuff” DJ Locksoul confirms.

Also a world champion dancer, Locksoul and his crew LOCK N LOL were the Gold Medalists in the MegaCrew Division at  2015 Hip Hop International World Dance Championship in San Diego, California last month. That adds to their 2005 championship title in France, “similar to the world cup, but for dance” Locksoul clarifies. Through that experience Korea has been on the world Hip-Hop map ever since, opening up opportunities for members of the crew including a world tour.

With Brown Soul / Seoul offering an alternative to the already well established trance EDM, pop, and electronic clubs, it’s no secret as to where the soulful crowd gather. However for those needing a bit of help there is an app available to help you experience Seoul’s ever-growing Hip-Hop scene; “FloGuide“. “There you can search all the dance clubs, battles, showcases, parties, workshops and different dance shows in Korea.” Locksoul says of the app created by one of his dancers from his studio Level 6 sometime back.

Special thanks to DJ Locksoul, and guest bloggers Maja and Janelle for filming, interviewing and translating. *English subtitles available on video

Hear more of DJ Locksoul’s sound and follow on Instagram @Locksoulseoul

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