Sugar, spice and all things nice… A few of my favourite foods!

I love food. In fact I love good food!

Here are a few of my favourites from my travels…

My first Calzone in Milano!!
In Torino… I think my T-shirt liked it too!
Praia Street food- fried eel. Amazing!!
The pork shack! Chilling out with the locals. Praia, Cape Verde
Senegalese ceebujen (rice and fish). You won’t find this place in any travel guide! Sal, Cape Verde
Flavours of Brazil… Guarana soft drink and Acarajé from Salvador, Bahia
Soul Food at Sylvia’s, Harlem NY… Every bite was good!
Mauricio making Pisco Sour the Chilean way! London, UK
Tasty hummus and falafel in Jaffa, designer donuts on display in Tel Aviv, Israel
Flavours of the Middle East. Jerusalem, Israel
A dish usually served with meat or chicken. Palestine
Cajun shrimp and chicken gumbo v. Jamaican black bean shrimp. Jamaican black shrimp won hands down!! And still room for dessert! Cheesecake Factory, San Diego
Simple chicken soup… Simply delicious I got the recipe! San Diego, USA
Neapolitan pizza… Made in Napoli!
beautiful achee fruit waiting to ripen, bite size fried dumplings and biting into an almond fruit fresh off the tree. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Anyone for seconds?

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