Sugar and Spice and all things nice… Seconds!

There’s always room for more delicious foods!… I revisit some of my favourite travel food moments!

A moment on the lips- a life time on the hips but always worth every bite!

Enjoying a typical Ghanaian dish of Grilled Tilapia accompanied by fried plantain, chopped vegetables and a variety of spicy sauces
Acai or creme papaya… why choose just one when there’s room for both?! SP, Brazil
If it’s that ‘fast’ it’s probably not ‘that’ healthy… but it sure tastes gooood!
Apple picking in upstate NY. I might just be a country girl deep down!… Apple sauce anyone?
Discovered a ‘whole in the wall.’ Home cooked latin food that doesn’t leave a ‘whole’ in your wallet!
Typical Czech dessert which we attepted to make… The best part was the first bite!
Humble Italian hospitality at its best!... Keeps me going back for more year after year!
Humble Italian hospitality at its best!… Keeps me going back for more year after year!
My first ‘pot-luck’ dinner experience in LA! Cut straight to dessert and a group photo!!
Enough food to make my eyes full! Florence, Italy
My ultimate favourite dessert- cheesecake in my ultimate favourite restaurant dedicated to the art of the rich dessert- Cheesecake Factory. San Diego, USA

My ultimate Cheesecake Factory moment… Ummmm!

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  1. Thanks for getting back. I sent you an email with a more direct question, about some things I am very interested in. Just wanted to know if you received it. 🙂

    Yes we should keep in touch


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  2. Hey, I just found your blog a few days ago, and I am probably your number one fan. I haven’t come across any blogs about black girls who have traveled to and lived in Brazil. I find your articles really fascinating and I love reading about your point of view. I was just wondering are you still in Brazil? If so how long will you be staying?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. Hi Sarah!

      Wow, what an honour- thank you!!

      I would love to take all the lime light however I have to point out there are quite a few blogs by black female travellers who have inspired me to put pen to paper my own personal experiences. Whether any of them have spontaniouly upped and gone to live in Brazil for a few months is a different story lol!

      Yes I’m still in Brazil. My last week here! Lots of reflecting on life etc. Sadly it’s come to an end quite quickly 😦

      Your encouragement is most appreciated… I was having a spout of writters block but you’ve just motivated me to get on with it. Don’t be a stranger Sarah- my number one fan 😀

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