Stay regular… Does size really matter?


Long and detailed or short and sweet? Hard and concentrated or loose and abstract?

And just how often a week or even a day (coz lets face it, sometimes I can’t wait another 24hrs!) should I be preoccupied to my new found means of stimulation?…

Blog posts I mean!

Tut-tut! Well, since you’re prepared, I warn you it may be a tad bit filthier so keep your hand sanitizer near by!

But on a serious note, the issue of the size of the matter and regularity has been on my mind way before the WordPress dailypost decided to give out free innuendos for our private subjects!

Quick tip: Stay regular.

“A healthy blog is like a healthy colon; if you put crap in, you’ll get crap out.”

Well I’m sure I’m not the only blogger that’s eaten a healthy salad for lunch and what has come out in the end has been a sad mass of waste too embarrassing to share, and without a second thought, been flushed straight into the trash-asphere!

I’m no expert at sifting through my waste like former TV personality of “You Are What You Eat” Doctor Gillian McKeith advises we should do! However if I took McKeith’s advice and rummaged through before eagerly clicking the button to get ride of all my crap, I might find chunks of healthy remains still in tacked!

So what’s more important? Size or regularity? If I write a huge dollop of a piece will readers actually have the time or interest to read every word (because I hate to see good words go to waste). Admitably even I skim through long articles to get to the gist of what the writer is saying. If I wanted 1,000+ word essays to read in my spare time I’d stay in the lecture room (says the travelling student)!

How do I cut to the chase in a subject without compromising on length or matter?… What’s a healthy size to excrete without getting stuck or suffering from word constipation?

If I’ve learnt anything in my short time as a blogger about producing a healthy blog, it’s that exercise and a sprinkle of linseed works wonders as natural laxative for getting my posts out on a regular (because a healthy body… ah you get the idea!)… I’m not fortunate to be one those that has the natural gift of producing great posts all the time. So I need all the help I can get!

I guess in it’s own time, I just feel the urge… And I rush to my laptop to write something!

I’m learning to work with the outcome!!

What are your recipes for producing a healthy blog? Please share!!

Photo courtesy Alison Holland

2 thoughts on “Stay regular… Does size really matter?

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  1. You’ve pretty much nailed it right on the head.. There are times that size will matter but I think you will know which subject will demand that. We all are quick to peruse and move on to the next task/page/social network in this fast paced life we are living. So quality over quantity but then again, this is someone that hasn’t a blog 🙂 I like the flow of what I have read so far, you are onto something great. All the best.

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    1. Hi Bakano!

      thank you for your feedback! Actually your opinion as a non-blogger is even more so valid as you are a rarity in our modern blogosphere! Nether-the-less, as much as I’m enjoying the theraphy of writing a blog, the aim is to have a dedicated readership. Getting the balance between what they want and what I can produce is still up in the air!

      I guess time will reveal … Patience is an ingredient I forgot to add to recipe!

      Thanks for passing by and don’t be a stranger! 🙂

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