Malcolm’s Echo: The legacy of Malcolm X

Malcolm’s Echo: The legacy of Malcolm X (African Movie Academy Award) is a feature documentary by African-British film director Dami Akinnusi. I first the met Dami in 2004 before her credits included Bleach My Skin White (ITV)- the first UK documentary to tackle skin bleaching on primetime television. Even within the humble settings of one of London’s most stereotyped neighbourhoods Brixton, while working on a series of TV pilots it was evident that this straight talking, forward thinking film maker brings to life whatever she has her mind focused on.

And Dami and her Production Company Darkling Productions did just that producing their first documentary based on the legacy of Malcolm X. The film is timeless and relevant, hopeful to continuously educate an ever growing audience particularly as we head towards the 5 decade of the death of the African-American human rights activist Malcolm X.

Dami’s vision is from a refreshing perspective looking beyond the stereotypes of ‘hatred’ that Malcolm X is often associated with regarding his teachings. Malcolm’s echo is symbolic of his legacy which ‘echoes’ through todays activists and their teachings on empowerment, musicians making conscious music, scholars teaching the truth and anyone willing to champion human rights and social justice.

This day, 21st February marks the anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination while he prepared to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom in 1965. I couldn’t think of a more personal overview to mark this day than Dami Akinnusi’s visual offspring Malcolm’s Echo: The legacy of Malcolm X. A tangible piece of history not just for Black History Month.

Dami Akinnusi will be a speaker on the panel tonight at The Malcolm X Museum, Harlem, NY
Django Unchained Film: Does it
advance or degrade Black Culture?
For more info on this event click here

For more information on Malcolm’s Echo: The legacy of Malcolm X click here
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Dami has recently completed a short film with Hip Hop royalty’s Chuck D honouring 25
years of Public Enemy and is currently shooting her latest feature
documentary 99% Occupied watch the teaser. See Dami’s recent projects on Youtube

Dami’s production company Darkling Productions has been endorsed by African-American director of “Malcolm X”, Spike Lee.



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