Chocolate… Like me!

This bubble map shows the global distribution ...
This bubble map shows the global distribution of cocoa bean output in 2005 as a percentage of the top producer (Côte d’Ivoire – 1,286,330 tonnes). Legend: Cocoa output in 2005 shown as a percentage of the top producer (Cote d’Ivoire – 1,286,330 tonnes) 100 10 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are all chocolate!

Sweet and divine we are,

descending from the dirt of the earth,

the fruit of life given by Theobroma,

food worthy of the gods themselves,

our roots in Africa and its vast diaspora,

cocooned by a protective shell,

our seeds cultivated to be roasted until ‘blackened’,

how our darkness has pathed way for a melting pot of shades,

enough variety to suit ones preference and palette,

white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate…

adaptable in any way, texture and taste,

yet still as attractive to the eye,

because no chocolate can deny itself of its ancestry…

what would chocolate be without a trace of the cocoa bean?

simply a lost soul of artificial sweetness with no substance.

so lets celebrate life together!

For the earth gave us this gift so we can understand the meaning of indulgence!

savour the moments as a piece melts on your tongue…

We are all chocolate… Like me.


Plant the seed of love in your heart. Have you satisfied your craving for chocolate today?… What are you waiting for? Release some endorphins for a healthy mentality! 😀

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  1. Reblogged this on Eccentric and Bent and commented:
    Do you agree with the sentiment expressed in this post? Do we share the same roots? I think we do share the same roots even if we have been transplanted into different soil. We have adapted to the nutrients and moisture content of our soil but we all came from the same plot of land originally. Revel in that understanding and we can love each other without reservations.

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    1. Being in Brazil has been such an inspiration… Since when did I start writing poems?! Thanks for your comment.

      This post was inspired by my facebook staus which started a debate regarding a comment said to me by a white European living in Brazil. He said “You know, you’re more black than the people of Bahia.” GET OVER my blackness was what I was screaming in my head. Why should such a statement be relivant? (Also happens to fit into daily prompt theme of Earth).

      So yes there are underlining issues besides the beauty of chocolate as you noticed. More importantly we need to accept each other and praise our differences- not bring each other down. 😀

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