Japan so far… Yet so near

Shibuya on a wet day… Remind you of London?


I’m 5950.877 miles from home… That’s the furthest I’ve ever travelled, according to freemaptools.com‘s calculations!

I’ve been in Tokyo for a little over a week (excluding a quick trip to Seoul which I’ll blog about in the next post), and lets just say its an ‘interesting’ experience. Yes interesting because unlike Marmite, I can’t work out if I love or hate this city. It doesn’t help that it’s been raining on stop since I got here, while back home in London summer is making it’s debut appearance before schedule…

However for a £300 return ticket (with Alitalia transit via Rome) – I’m here to make the most of my time – even if it’s a wet and damp one!

My plans to document “Black culture” –  in Japan/Tokyo haven’t gone smoothly to plan, however with a little over a week to go, I’m sure I’ll get something up on the blog before long…

Here’s a little taster of my Japan journey… So far.

Arriving in Tokyo to be met by “Why did you come to Japan?” TV crew at the airport…

Meeting Samuel Sasiharan at Tokyo station… Taxi selfie!


Konichiwaaa… More to come soon… Stay posted!


Rain Rain go away… Hanging out in Shibuya

More posts coming soon! Stay tuned!

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