Amazing Nigeria…

When you think of a holiday destination in Africa, Nigeria may not be an obvious choice. However Angela Lipton – my first guest contributor – could change that as she reveals some hidden treasures of the West African nation… Amazing Nigeria.

The beauty of Nigeria is proverbial and its cultural heritage, listed among the UNESCO Heritage Sites, is absolutely outstanding. The sites are not only extremely beautiful and rich with nature, but they are also characterised by a great historical significance for the country.
So if you are planning to take a trip to Nigeria, here you can find the names of some truly must see spots. Of course, being spread around the country, it is probably better you rent a car to move around and, in order to save money, regarding accommodation possibilities, you can find special local offers for tourists online on free classified websites such as tradestable in Nigeria.

Sukur Cultural Landscape, Adamawa State – This spot is absolutely magnificent, populated by a rich and various avifauna, characterised by rare species. It is located in Madageli, Adamawa State, on top of Mandara Mountains’ highest plains. It was inscribed in in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, because of its beauty and charm and the preciousness of the village, so natural and exceptional.

Osun-Osogbo Scared Grove, Osun State – This is a sacred forest crossed by the Oshun River and it is regarded as the home of Osun, the goddess of fertility. In her honour, the forest is full of sanctuaries, sculptures and works of art. Its preciousness also lays in the fact that this is the last of the Yoruba’s sacred forests that is still standing, reasons for which was listed by the UNESCO in 2005. We suggest you to visit it during its yearly festival.

Oban Hills, Cross River State – This is a range of hills located within Cross River National Park. It is famous for the abundance of wildlife and plants of unknown species. Here you can find the famous Xavier’s Green Bull, the Cassin’s Hawk eagle, the Crested Guinea fowl, the Bat Hawk and over 400 Chimpanzees. Simply splendid!

Oke-Idanre Hill, Ondo State – This is an absolutely breathtaking ensemble of valleys with high plains characterised by inselberlgs, about 3,000 feet above the sea level. It is such a peculiar place that only a visit can render it justice, enriched by the old court, Owa’s Palace, Agbooogun foot print, shrines, burial grounds, mounds and the Omi Aopara.

Angela Lipton is a freelance editor currently writing for African and international blogs and websites writing articles on various topics such as sports, technology, fashion, beauty, career and employment. Her hobbies and interests interests include reading, travelling and sports. offers a rage of wide range of economy flights to Lagos from London. Prices vary starting from £469. Click here to find flights.

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