Brazil Day: at the heart of London


London paid tribute to Brazil yesterday with a magnificent fiesta that captured the spirit the South American FIFA World Cup host country. From noon till 7pm, within the perimeters of 23,000 m² which later expanded out into the rest of the capital – Brazil came to London in Trafalgar Square!

Nelson’s Column loomed high guarding Trafalgar Square, whilst behind the poised Admiral, Londoners and patrons of Brazil joined forces to replicate a carnival-like atmosphere – showcasing the diversity of the capital. Even the sun paid tribute to Brazil with temperatures soaring in the mid-20’s celsius degrees. There was lots of music, samba, good food and a good vibes to make the whole day enjoyable.

I was transported back to Brazil for a few hours as I let the troubles that come with being a London escape me, surrounded by my get-together of friends, couchsurfers and even family after spotting my cousin and his friends in the crowd.

“Are you all Brazilian?” A BBC reporter asked us as we got a line dance going in the crowd.

“No. We’re from here.” I responded proudly. Sensing this wasn’t the answer she expected to hear, I quickly added;

“But we love Brazil!” With that proclaimed and the Brazilian waved into the air, the reporter held her camera out to frame our joyful faces in a shot before moving on into the rest of the crowd.

And that, is probably the general consensus of everyone who showed up for Brazil Day in the heart of London… We loved Brazil Day!

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    1. Hi Sartenada! Thanks for your comment! There is Notting Hill Carnival in London (last weekend of August) and some Samba Schools perform there. Check out London School of Samba for other activities. I will write about them soon!

      Big hug from Colombia! Kai x


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