Detox for the soul: she cried

and there she sat under the tree crying…

I spotted her sat under a tree as I stood at the traffic lights waiting to cross.

At first I thought the exaggerated gesture of her head tilted back and her mouth spread wide resembling a ‘joker’s smile’, was one an expression of jubilation. But her head quickly tilted her body caved in.

I’m not one to voluntarily make other people’s problems my own, but I found myself walking towards her…

“Are you OK?…”

She looked up at me puzzled, as though I’d invaded her space and questioned her human right to express her sorrow.

“Yes I’m OK,”

“I’m OK,”

she repeated unconvincingly, returning her gaze to her phone; the culprit to deliver bad news to her, caught between her hands. I left her as I found her, crying.

In a strange way, crying is good for the soul. It cleanses the body getting ride of toxins. The stream of water running from here eyes washed everything in its path including her mascara, turning her tears black.

There was something beautiful about her crying so openly, so publically. Expressing her emotions as they arrived, not holding back until she reached the comfort of her safety four walls… This honesty to herself was refreshing.

She’ll feel better soon. If not in a few hours, or tomorrow, or the day after, she will eventually…

she continued to cry…

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