Vegan “Goodies” cafe Berlin

Berlin could possibly be the capital of Veganism in Europe! You can’t go very far without spotting the words “bio” or “vegan” sometimes even graffitied on walls – like every other opinion un Berlin

I asked Freia from Goodies cafe in Veganz centre on Warschauser Strasse her thoughts on the vegan movement in the German “alternative” capital. English isn’t her first language, so she couldn’t express herself the way she would have liked to… But I’m not sure if I’m convinced enough that being vegan is a genuine “ethical” movement or an expensive trend! All I know is vegan cheesecake tastes pretty good – but is it a lifestyle I couldn’t live up to due to it being so expensive? Most probably not.

What are some of your thoughts on veganism? Share in the comment box below x

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