Rap Burguer: The Burger joint serving up Hip-Hop vibes in São Paulo

Travelmakerkai | Rap Burger

I love the concept of Rap Burguer – it’s simple, it’s clear it serves up exactly what it says on the sign above the door – Hamburgers + Rap culture in one place!

I visited Rap Burguer last night on an invitation extended by Rebecca, a fellow fierce female traveller friend, to watch an open mic performance. I couldn’t help but be in awe of hip-hop heads and conscious minds creating a tangible energy I found rare to experience in São Paulo. The space itself pays homage to East Coast West Coast old skool Rap and Brazilian rap artists, with colourful graffiti murals across the walls…

Located in the heart of Augusta Street, tucked amongst the monotony of bars playing electronic music, this joint offers a much needed alternative vibe and space to connect with lovers of black culture, and comfort food!

Travelmakerkai | Rap Burger




Travelmakerkai | Rap Burger


Whilst burgers aren’t on my list of favourite foods, as I’m a vegetarian, Rap Burger offers a vegetarian option with the KL Jay: chickpea burger, mayonnaise, tahini, leaves, tomatoes, french toast in butter.

For meat eaters – the world is literally your oyster as you have 12 options to choose from… Or pay your homage to your favourite Rapper with the Tu Pac (180g of bovine blend, gorgonzola cheese, house mayonnaise, empanada empanada, crispy bacon, toasted Australian bread in butter) or The Notorious BIG (300g double bovine blend, cheddar, house mayonnaise, fried egg, fried bacon, manioc straw, house ketchup, toasted brioche bread in butter) amongst others.

The Hustle is real…

I’m all for highlighting Black owned businesses as part of my quest to promote diversity. It was a pleasure meeting Fernando Cândido; CEO & Founder of Rap Burguer – his hustle is tight!

Speaking of which, old Skool rap centres around having a hustle, and boy did I shamelessly share my side hustle Wrap Star Accessories by layout a few to sell! Shout out my hype crew, Domenica, Rebecca founder of Black Women’s Travel group Bitonga Travels, and the beautiful Gaucia who was first in line to support a siSTAR!

Travelmakerkai | Rap Burger
Fernando Cândido; CEO & Founder of Rap Burguer

Hungry for burger and hip-hop vibes? Find Rap Burguer located at:

📍R. Augusta, 552 – Consolação, São Paulo – SP, 01304-000

I’d love to hear from you – share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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