Sisterhood Night at Hillsong São Paulo

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I was first introduced to Hillsong São Paulo when my friend Jo was in town from Belo Horizonte and extended an invite for our overdue meet-up since my arrival in Brazil. Hillsong was the the suggested venue. I’ll put my hand up and admit – I’m not a church go-er, preferring to practice my personal relationship with God privately without the constraints of religion. And even though back home I’m in close vicinity to Hillsong London, despite a few past visits, there was nothing in the über cool modern way of worship that made me commit to visiting more regularly.

Travelmakerkai | Sisterhood São Paulo

Travelmakerkai | Sisterhood São Paulo
Sisterhood selfies with Kamila

But there was something about my first visit to Hillsong São Paulo which grasped me… First off, I was itching for an opportunity to give thanks, especially as for the first time in a while, things were going well for me. And from that visit with Jo and Kamila, I knew I’d be a regular.. There was a vibration and energy that made me feel; “Kai, you’re in the right place. Let go and be free” so I raised my hands up to the sky to exude my gratitude for being ‘saved’ and as importantly, receive the blessings rightfully mine…

Sisterhood Night at Hillsong São Paulo

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Sisterhood Night on the 1st December had been much anticipated with constant reminders ‘who’s excited for Sisterhood?‘ since my first visit to Hillsong! And when the day finally arrived, it was an emotional – in the most positive sense. First off, it was my best friend Kinho’s birthday and despite not want wanting to do anything, all his family came over for a celebration. Secondly, my ‘The Soho Girl Branding‘ flyers arrived (so proud of myself for ordering online for a next day delivery despite the whole process being in Portuguese!) so that afternoon I did some shameless self-promoting in Kinho’s condominium (felt invincible after flying almost 200 apartments)!

And for the first time in a long I just felt content…

So even though I was over an hour late, I had to go to Hillsong for #Sisterhood to give release my gratitude! And boy (or rather girl!) was it the best way to end a blessed day and start of a new month!

Travelmakerkai | Sisterhood São Paulo

Some powerful words from Pastor Bobbie Houston which resonated with me…

Out there is a different playing field. There is a hierarchy of value… There is a hierarchy of distorted reality. But not in Christ – in Christ no-one is less…

“… women who understand authority, women are not afraid to stand with, and behind, under the men of God. Women who will carry a sector in their hand and a crown on their head…

By the Grace of God, 2019, come hail – or whatever – we’re going to press out the limits, and we’re going to continue by the Grace of God to raise up women in the nations who know who they are in Christ, Amen…

With an anointing of an Esther, think bigger, the season is now. Raise women up in the nations – I am prophesying to all our leaders, all our churches around the world…”

Psalm 91 verse 14

Because you have delighted in me as my great lover,
    I will greatly protect you.
    I will set you in a high place, safe and secure before my face.
15 I will answer your cry for help every time you pray…

Many thanks to Pastor Bobbie Houston (Aunty, yes she spoke to me like my aunty would so that’s family!) for your powerful action-lead sermon… I felt feeling so hashtag #blessed!

I AM SISTERHOOD is a declaration. Whichever way it is seen or understood, it is a growing movement of women across the earth—a movement of down-to-earth and normal women whose desire is to take what is in their hand and genuinely use it for good—a movement of women united in heart and spirit who believe that together we can make the world a better place.”
Pastor Bobbie Houston

Sisterhood is the women’s ministry of Hillsong Church, where women from all walks of life, young & old, came together to build friendship and champion one another to flourish in all that we do. The service was broadcasted in 6 CONTINENTS. 23 COUNTRIES. 72 LOCATIONS.

Look out for the 2019 COLOUR CONFERENCE!

The 2019 COLOUR Conference, hosted in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Cape Town, London and Kiev will be stunning. Wrapped in the language of “Be Found in the New – the colours, wonder and favour”, consider this invitation both personal and to your friends, because when it comes to making this world a better place we are better and stronger together. – Bobbie Houston, Host and Founder

Would love to hear your thoughts – share them in the comment box below!

Have a blessed 2019!

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