Representation Matters: Dear Me, Travelmaking Kai book of Positive Affirmations

TravelmakerKai Dear Me,
Representation Matters…

Happy New Year!

I ended 2018 reconvened with my first digital love – this blog! Massive thanks to followers both old and new for the continuous support!

This year, with all the talk on representation and explaining why I use my platform to highlight marginalised voices – especially that of black women I meet around the world, it got my thinking about the of core of the reason I’m doing this. The children – our next generation of world changers!

Travelmaking Kai Dear Me,

Most of us in adulthood may have already adopted mechanisms to help is deal with inequalities of life such as the lack of representation of marginalised people. But what about children? I created a children’s book character Travelmaking Kai, a little black girl with a big dream to travel the world, because I know the disservice not seeing black characters in children’s books did to me. And though there’s more awareness about representation and diversity these days, there’s always more we can all do to create equal in our society.

Open Call for submissions

Dear Me, is a new Travelmaking Kai compilation of short stories on self-reflection from adults for their younger self. ‘Dear Me, if I can give you one piece of advice – know that you’re beautiful and you will learn to love the skin you’re in’ – Kai x

Would you like to contribute to the Travelmaking Kai Dear Me book of positive affirmations for children? It can be in the way of a short essay, or a paragraph or two.

This book will be ideal for both children and adults. I’ve learnt through therapy sessions, some of the traumas that hinder our progression as adults come from our childhood. Therefore as an adult, saying positive affirmations to your younger self can give you a sense of release… to keep you warm and help you grow!

To contribute or further info, please email with Dear Me, Positive Affirmations in the subject box.

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them in the comment box below!

Wishing you a prosperous 2019!

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