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Travel On Your Own Terms (TOYOT)® are self-development guides I’m in the process of creating after feedback from followers requesting advice on how they too can travel as I do. So I’ve designed TOYOT to address my three main target audiences; freelancers, solo female travellers, and solo travellers.

Based on my book Travel On My Own Terms (available Autumn 2019!), these guides will help you create the life you want – by evaluating how to create your own opportunities, perfect for those seeking a free(lance) traveller life-style.

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This taster guide offers basic yet often overlooked pointers to take the steps towards developing your confidence, tame anxiety and broadening your mindset geared towards; taking that holiday know you deserve, finding time (and the money) to book a travel break, and tips for travelling on your own – whether for a vacation, work or pleasure.

Key points

*Ways towards creating the travel life you want as a freelancer, entrepreneur or simply and adventure junkie!

*We’ll dig deep to understand what your skills sets are and avenues to monetise from them

*How digital platforms such as blogging can lead to the free-spirited life you’re after, and ways to start a blog or influencer platform or brand

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