If you had 24hrs in Milan – what would you do?

So much to do, so much to experience, so much to EAT!

If you had 24hrs in Milan, what would you do?

1st stop – experience Milan Carnival in Piazza del Duomo – the iconic cathedral of Milan. Feel like a child in Disney Land at this family-fun event held annually (according to the Easter calander).

2nd stop – the (window) shopping experience! Milan is famed for fashion and design. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out what’s trending… Even if it is through the shop windows!

3rd stop – walk around without a guide-book. This is generally my travel motto! Find hidden streets, sit on a street bench and people watch… Walk until you find yourself (or find yourself going round in a circle)!

4th stop – eat! Taste the flavours of Italy. Avoid “tourists traps” where possible. Ask locals for recommendations – Italians are passionate about food! My favourite Italian is Princi – fresh, affordable and delicious! If Prinici in Milan (via SperonAri) is too far to get to, why not check out Princi in Soho… That’s where I get my occasional authentic Italian fix from!

5th stop – it’s a must – Aperitivo in Milan. The after-work-drinks culture in Italy doesn’t compare to anywhere else in world. With generous complementary food buffet as a bonus, you could get addicted to Milan’s social life which starts with Aperitivo between 7-9pm.

That was my 24hrs in Milan. Check out Fuse Magazine for my full review.

Get there: Easyjet (prices vary depending on season) from £79 return London Gtw
Bus transfer: have some cash handy for a shuttle bus to take you from the airport straight into the city centre €16 return
Stay: Travel on Airbnb and get £15 in travel credit – click here! Beat the raising cost of hotels and stay with a local.

Look out for the next post – Carnival in Milan – in pictures!

Feeling like a child again - so much fun!
Carnival in Milan family-fun event… You’re never too old!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a dear friend and gifted photographer (I’m sure he’s a subscriber of my blog) a speedy recovery as he fights leukemia in hospital in Milan. Sometimes challenges come our way so we can step back and prioritise – what’s most important in life?… x

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What would you do if you had 24hrs in Milan?…

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  1. As usual, another great video! It’s vibrant, and full of life, and gives us a taste of what Milan is truly like. Love the video Kai. Proud of you yet again.
    I would go shopping, meet people… Talk to people in cafes. That’s what I would do.

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