Spike Lee captures Carnival in Maragojipe!

20130212-170015.jpg 20130212-165811.jpg When I learnt Spike Lee was in Salvador for the carnival I instantly put to twitter, using up all my limited character allowance (as though baggage allowance!), my hopes to have an opportunity of interviewing the acclaimed film director!

So that very evening when I stood next to Mr Lee himself while Samba band Olodum were performing in Pelourinho; Salvador’s historic city, I couldn’t help but think my luck was too good to be true. Was it down to fate or the power the social media?!

Unable to introduce myself as Spike Lee was busy directing his cameras to capture the energetic performances of the drummers for his documentary “Go Brazil Go”. Besides, his hands were over his ears the majority of the time due to the deafening sound systems. So I stayed professional with my rather unprofessional camcorder and kept myself busy attempting to capture the essence of carnival on video for my blog readers.

A few days later I arrived in Maragojipe to capture the their unique carnival. Not dissimilar from a Venetian carnival, far from what you’d expect to see in Brazil!

And by chance I walked into Spike Lee and his entourage filming!

I had no idea Spike Lee would venture out into this small quaint cobbled street town 50 kilometres from Salvador Bahia. Not missing another opportunity to speak to Mr Lee, I introduced myself and the conversation quickly turned to football as I mentioned I’m from London. I stayed faithful to my prefered team Chelsea which almost lost me an opportunity to get a picture with the director as he backed away after hearing which team I support! Spike Lee is an Arsenal supporter!

I got pictures of the ‘Do the right thing’ director as he was busy filming for a new documentary “Go Brazil Go”! Look out for the new documentary expected to preview at the Cannes Film Festival next year… I have gut feeling it’s going to break some social barriers!

Spike Lee captures the essence of Maragojipe during the carnival in Bahia, Brazil…. And I got to work doing the same for you!

(Contact me for pictures)

20130214-031211.jpg 20130214-031219.jpg 20130214-031224.jpg 20130214-031232.jpg 20130214-031238.jpg 20130214-044224.jpg 20130214-044230.jpg 20130214-044239.jpg 20130214-044323.jpg 20130214-044333.jpg 20130214-044428.jpg 20130214-044532.jpg 20130214-044538.jpg 20130214-044551.jpg 20130214-044558.jpg 20130214-044605.jpg 20130214-044611.jpg 20130214-044618.jpg 20130214-044632.jpg 20130214-044641.jpg 20130214-044649.jpg 20130214-044656.jpg










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