TravelmakerKai presents Fly Girl Apparel

Travelmakerkai Fly Girl

As a brand curator, part of my work is to offer my clients strategies on building on online presence for their brand, and also profitable ways to make their brand sustainable.

As you know, travelling isn’t cheap! Even with my ‘babe on a budget‘ bargain-hunting techniques, I still more often than not have to empty my pockets to ensure my travels are first and foremost, safe and comfortable.

So for the past week I’ve taken myself on as my own personal branding client, and thought up ways I can make Travelmakerkai sustainable without relying solely on ‘complimentary’ exchanges as as is the norm for most bloggers to stay afloat…

Travelmakerkai Fly Girl apparel

Introducing Fly Girl Apparel

Fly Girl Apparel is the latest addition to the TravelmakerKai brand. I wanted to create a revenue platform that is I can promote by wearing (cut on advertising costs!), and gives a strong message of independence, freedom and a love for travel I share with thousands of women around the world!

The Fly Girl logo design is an adaption of my recently formed Travelmaker Kai Blog logo, featuring a ‘butterfly’ as opposed to a cliche aeroplane. I love the idea of the patient metamorphosis in the life cycle of a butterfly; from egg to caterpillar, cocoon to booming a butterfly with beautiful wings to fly…

I’m still working on the final designs and apparel collection (t-shirts, bikinis, hoodies and tote bags)… However here’s a sneak peak so what you can expect to find in 2019!

Travelmakerkai Fly Girl

What do you think… Would you rock an ‘unapologetic Fly Girl‘ t-shirt come summer? Let me know in the comment box below!

Much love,

Travelmakerkai logo signature


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