Lapa… Stepping Up!

You’ll probably recognise these steps from the scenes of Snoop Dog ft Pharell music video – Beautiful… And these steps are just that!

The iconic, world-famous Escadaria Selarón steps lie a short stroll from the roman-style arches of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On a visit you might actually be lucky enough to bump into the maestro himself Jorge Selarón!

The Chilean-born artist claimed it as “my tribute to the Brazilian people…”

In reality it’s a tribute to the world! Look out for a symbol of your country… I spotted the Ghanaian flag and a mosaic of the African continent!

BREAKING NEWS! 10/01/2013 I discovered after this post was made. RIP Jorge Selarón


Friday night in Rio means- Lapa!!
with the travel journalist- Alberto!


Jorge Selarón talks to a fan!
with the maestro attemping his signature pose!




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