Experience Carnival… with Airbnb!

With so much going on Salvador Bahia, finding accommodation during this busy carnival season was the least of my worries- thanks to Airbnb!

Carnival in Brazil has been on my bucket list of places and things to do for many years. Why not make it a reality in 2013?!

And that’s exactly what I did! To experience Carnival in Salvador Bahia, the biggest street party in the world, is literally a dream come true!

But why with airbnb?
Well, as a female travelling solo, my main priority is safety. Safety in terms of location, and also regarding money. Payment for accommodation is made online through airbnb.com so I don’t have to deal with any awkward situations exchanging money with my host. Also as airbnb hold onto payment until 24hrs after check in, someone posting a fake listing or running off with the money is highly unlikely.

Another reason I choose to book accommodation with airbnb as oppose to a hotel, is that I wanted to stay with locals! And this has no doubt enhanced my stay! When I booked my accommodation in Salvador using airbnb , little did I know what added extras I’d have in store!

Not only am I staying with a lovely family, but my host Alberto also happens to be a percussionists and will be playing in a variety of samba bands during the season! I’ve been invited to join along!

Follow my journey here as I experience Carnival (7th-13th February) for the first time… Using airbnb!

My host Alberto with his son Lucas, playing percussion for samba band Escola de Samba Unidos de Itapuã.

Luxury accommodation doesn’t have to cost the earth! View from my room… Swimming pool, gym and football court… Plus the beach is just 5 mins walk away!


Have you joined the airbnb community yet? Why not suggest some of your favourite places to visit!

Airbnb is a global community marketplace that connects travelers seeking authentic, high-quality accommodations with hosts who offer unique places to stay.

With Airbnb, guests can access truly amazing experiences – from stays in castles to holidays in treehouses, caves, or even private islands. (www.airbnb.com)

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