Wrapping up the weekend!

wrapping up a group of friends!
wrapping up a group of friends!

When the novelty of my spontaneous actions wore off, the high of acting on impulse finally settled, that’s when my dramatic actions finally hit me. I cut my hair. Short. Myself..!

Acting on impulse to create a brand new self-image, I cut my hair with the intention of getting ride of my chemically processed hair and exposing three months of natural ‘regrowth’. Except three-months of new hair is actually not as long as I’d hoped! So to avoid going ‘too short’ I had to settle for the best of both; natural kinks with straights ends for added length!

Talk about bad hair day! I needed a quick fix- fast!

Thank God for the head wrap (or rather my African ancestors for the invention)!

I almost ditched an invitation to a swanky house party in Knightsbridge due to the state of my ‘experiment!’ But thankfully I settled for a sophisticated look by tying a scarf around my head. Worked wonders and got me a lot of positive attention too 😉

So I wrapped up my weekend with a modern twist to a tradition remedy. Good riddance to bad hair days!

Here are other times I’ve taken inspiration to get wrapped up!

Feel free to share your ‘wrapping’ ideas and images… Lets get inspired!

Beauty Pageants Traditional Wear
Beauty Pageants Traditional Wear
Ghana, Cape Verde with friends, London photo shoot with Daniele Tamagni
Ghana, Cape Verde with friends, London photo shoot with Daniele Tamagni

7 thoughts on “Wrapping up the weekend!

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  1. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your blog from another Blog. I think you’re really beautiful. I sincerely mean that. Do you model? Yeah, also like the hair wrap. I also have something like that for bad hair days.

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    1. Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment!! I used to model up until about a year ago and a half when I decided watching what I eat is just too difficult for a foodian like me lol!

      I haven’t been brave enough to show off my new hair cut in public (mostly due to the fact I still haven’t had it professionally mended by a hairdresser), so headwraps cover up my DIY job lol!

      Thanks for passing through. Shall now head over and check out your site 🙂

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  2. I just want to say that I think you and this blog are extremely beautiful….I love to see black folk traveling the world and when possible I love to link with other fellow traveling…I too am very new at blogging, you look like you have the game a little better figured out than me. But do you speak any different languages Portuguese perhaps since it seems you have spent a significant amount of time in Brazil and Cape Verde….Keep doing your thing and living life Kai!!! Nice to have had the pleasure of meeting you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Can I firstly say your comment made my day 😉

      I’ve had my blog for a while now, but sometimes it feels like I’m writing for myself (which is not a bad thing because it’s another form of therapy for me lol!)

      But every now and then I get a nice personal comment that puts a huge smile on my face… So thanks for doing that. Much needed especially as I’m still experiencing ‘post-travel blues’- sucks!

      My Portuguese isn’t great. Neither is my Spanish, French or Italian… In fact all the languages I started learning I never finished so I’m a beginner in them all. Except Ga (local language of Accra, Ghana).

      Btw I started reading your blog. I love your honestly and openness! It takes a lot of guts to write like that so admire you!

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