Arriving in Egypt


I’m in Africa!

My experience last night after landing in Sharm el Sheikh, is the very reason why I shouldn’t be doing things last minute when it comes to travel arrangements… Besides booking my accommodation literally, I completely forgot to book the bus transfer from the airport to the Hotel – Aida Better Life Resort.

I have no pictures of the airport I’m afraid. Between questioning hotel reps if my hotel was on their list, and trying to lose a taxi driver who quoted me a ridiculous price (and now thought I was obliged to take his offer), there was no time to take out my camera for a snap!

Eventually I had no other choice but to give in and take a taxi (there seemed to be some hidden rule that if another driver offered to take me that would be stealing from the one I first enquired with)! I arrived at the hotel safe (and just as importantly, at a lower price – I’m African)!

This afternoon I planned to head out to the Red Sea, but after hearing the sand storm, I opted for the comfort of my room. Anyway, it’s about time I uploaded all the draft posts from my travels this year… And besides that, I have a lot of reading to do as Black Egyptians – The African Origins of Ancient Egypt will be the theme for my whole stay both in Egypt and the Middle East.

I’ll be leaving Sharm el Sheikh for Cairo tomorrow morning (I’m not a resort person anyway… Remember my resort experience in Dominican Republic?)

I’ll keep you posted on my stay in Cairo… For now, here some snaps of my stay in Sharm el Sheikh.









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My earrings are from Mzansi. Find them at The Mella Centre in the heart of West End – 73 Oxford Street, London.

Stay tuned for more!

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