4 tourists dead from bomb explosion at Taba border on sunday

Scary thought that I was there just over a month ago… I count my blessings everyday!

the Educationally Frustrated student

Miriam’s whatsapp message to me just a few hours ago came as a surprise. I’ve been concentrating so much on my students union campaign that the outside world has been a distant thought.

So when her message read; “did you know that yesterday a bus full of (south) Korean tourists exploded in Sinai desert? There was a bomb inside and 13 people got injured, and 4 died. 50km from the Israeli border in Taba. Wtf!” I was brought be back to reality!

ShowImageJust over a month ago I was in the Sinai desert with Miriam. Her “WTF” expression is mutual… It’s just crazy to think that we walked down that same street where the bus exploded on sunday, when we crossed the border from Israel on New Years Eve…

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