When Africa came to the Square… Africa On The Square 2014

"I am a Londoner, I am English, I am British... However first and foremost; I am African" Kai
“I am a Londoner, I am English, I am British… However first and foremost; I am African” Kai

Londoners didn’t have to travel very far to get a taste of Africa on the 11th October, when the continent of all humanity came to one of the World’s most famed squares – Trafalgar Square in central London.

Africa On The Square was organised by the Mayor Of London for Black History Month. The event included food stalls, live music, acrobats, talent show and much more.

As always, where there’s a worthy event I bump into people I know – from Abrantee from Capital Xtra (he doesn’t necessarily know me personally but I’ve been listening to his Afrobeats show for years… I know him very well!) to Nigel from Jerk City Caribbean restaurant in Soho. I even bumped into an old flame… But that’s for another blog post.

As I’m the new President of University of The Arts London African Caribbean Society (UAL ACS)#AfricaOnTheSquare was a great opportunity to network with black businesses and make contacts for a African “Winter” Market I’ll be organising for a UAL ACS event this winter.

With the sun in full view after a spell of “showers of blessing” earlier in the morning, it was clear the spirit of African ancestors were present to make the day a truly blessed one!

See more on my review of #AfricaOnTheSquare plus more pics click here for the UALACS blog. Please also follow as I’ll be more active on there since I won’t be travelling anywhere anytime soon… Unless the world comes to Trafalgar Square of course!

Let me know your thoughts on #AfricaOnTheSquare!

Kai x


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  1. Reblogged this on the Educationally Frustrated student and commented:

    Africa On The Square took place in central London’s famed landmark, Trafalgar Square, with Admiral Nelson towering over the festive event from his column. Stalls with African and Caribbean products buzzed with inquisitive buyers, and queues for food stalls created a chain reaction towards cuisines from all over the vast continent.
    I headed to the Mzansi stall and got my hands on a lovely pair of Africa cutout earrings… FInd Mzansi products at UAL ACS Welcome event mini African market on the 7th November. More info here – http://ualacs.org/2014/09/29/beautybeat/


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