Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Making Contacts – and Keeping Them!

“Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Guide To Making Contacts – And Keeping Them!”

Credit where due: My friends make it easy
Contact Keepers: My friends make it easier to keep in touch

If making contacts – and keeping (the important part!) was my forte over the past decade, I probably wouldn’t have come up with the idea to start a blog which essentially taps into why I’m pretty s*** at keeping in touch – even though I’m the type of urban girl who wants to know ANYONE and EVERYONE of relevance! Any evidence that suggests otherwise is credited to my wonderful friends and acquaintances who make it easy for me by reaching out often.

It came to me a couple of weeks ago when I was searching for a recent email on my phone by typing in a name, say Jo, then every single Jo I’d corresponded with popped up dating as far back as 2005, many of whom had emailed regarding casting and auditions or photography projects – my creative field. Sadly I’d lost touch with each one of them – and I still didn’t up finding the Jo I was searching for in the first place to respond to his/her email. I could kick myself for all the lost opportunities I’m responsible for over the last decade but then a bruised leg won’t change things, will it?!

So they say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem – “Hi I’m Kai, and I’m a – queue in the hand gesture – *looser* at keeping in touch.” There I admit it! And while I’m at it, I’ll go all psychoanalytical and suggest the issue is I’m at times “too” comfortable, and “too” reliant on fate that everything in my life is gonna be A-OK! So now that I’ve admitted to my weakness – being comfy and putting everything on fate (which is actually a strength out of this context), I’m starting a fresh chapter as I enter into a new decade of my life to be more driven and hungry for success. Because I can’t make it to the top without establishing a tight network of contacts on my way… All those Jos might have got me there by now…

The new blog about ‘an urban girl’s guide to making contacts and keeping them‘ is a process of research, interviews, organising industry guest-speaker events, rewiring my existing method of keeping in touch, and possibly my favourite part of all – doing lunch!

A combination of food, drink re-kindling friendships, blogging advice from the industry pros and making lasting contacts is the journey I’m under-taking during my #SummerOf29…

Please “Like” my Facebook page Lets do Lunch Network and check out the blog at www.Letsdolunch.Network (kindly leave a comment in the Visitors Book).

And if fate has it written…

Let's do Lunch by Kai Lutterodt

Kai x

What are your tips to making and keeping contacts? Please share any thoughts in the comment box! Thanks 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Making Contacts – and Keeping Them!

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  1. I have a small collection of people I’m close enough with that sporadic contact is acceptable. Otherwise, I have a lot of trouble trying to maintain relationships with people I really want to stay in touch with, especially when life has a tendency of splitting us up, like she gets married and has children, I do not, which means our interests and schedules change from when we were both young and single. I try to use Facebook to stay in touch, but I find using having it is just a place where most people will use it in excess and talk too much about too little. I’m there, but I’m not really there, you know?
    I look forward to any advice you can provide 🙂
    – Krys

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    1. Hi Krys – thanks for passing through. I hear you loud and clear, hence the reason I started this blog – to find answers! Facebook has it’s pros but there really isn’t anything like meeting face-to-face and having a real (re)connection. There’s never the perfect time like the present to reach out… Otherwise when else? Even if it’s to plan a meeting for the near future, I’d say do it now… No-one really says no to doing lunch do they? Food has a magical way of bringing people together…
      Please keep me posted. And thank you for sharing
      – Kai 🙂


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