James Barnor: Ever Young in a Box of His-story

James Barnor Ever Young.png

On a visit to James Barnor‘s home, I was treated to a history lesson of Ghanaian and British culture dating back to the 50’s when the 86yr “Ever Young” photographer began his career and became Gold Coast’s first newspaper photographer and later on the first to introduce colour processing to newly Independent Ghana. James Barnor shared memorabilia including his passport photograph taken in my ancestral home “Lutterodt House” in Accra…

I’m honoured to invite James Barnor to give a presentation at University of the Arts London (UAL) on the 19th April during “Diversity Matters Awareness Week” www.diversity-matters.org/diversity-awarenes-week. FREE event. Booking essential CLICK HERE.

I’ll also be giving a presentation on the 19th April “Exploring Personal Growth From Cultural Experiences Through Travel sharing experiences from this blog!

Filmed, edited and narrated by Kai Lutterodt.

More Another Travekmakerkai Experiences coming soon!



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