Another Travelmakerkai Experience series begins with The Pianist Without Borders!

So you know when you’ve had an idea lingering in your head for a while, and you finally come to your senses that it’s about time you did something about it?

Well, that was me today! I’ve had the idea for a while to create a webseries/vlog about my travel experiences… And even though I capture some of my experiences for my blog posts using video, I haven’t fully utilised my YouTube channel besides it being somewhere I store my videos!

So you could say this is “officially” my first “Another Travelmakerkai Experience” episode! This is what I love – meeting inspirational people and sharing their stories through film!

This one’s filmed in London earlier this week when I met Sardinian-born Italian pianist Fabio Tedde at an event in Central London. We got talking and I just knew from his love of travelling and giving back – (Fabio is a professional pianist who has played over 750 street pianos, giving free concerts to communities across Africa, Europe and America) – I would love to help share his gift with the world!

And it didn’t take long before I was invited into his wonderful world of street piano playing that every evening… And even improvises a song called “Kai”!

Who knows… Maybe I’ll learn to play the piano one day and make use of my long fingers!

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Find out more about Fabio Tedde at

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Kai x

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