Keeping the gyoza competition tradition: Let’s Do Lunch with world friends!

I do love a bit of healthy competition, so when I was caught in discussion between Romanian-born visual artist and writer Mariana, and Japanese-born interior designer Tamika, challenging each other to a ‘gyoza competition’ to show of their strongest culinary skills, well, I couldn’t resist but to encourage it! And the results a couple of weeks later, was an intimate gathering of world friends acting as judges for the Japanese gyoza competition cook-off… Right here in London!

Despite it being a year since I was in Japan, I somehow managed to miss gyoza (Japanese semi pan fried dumplings) off my list of must-trys; randomly included ‘sharks fin’ (which I didn’t order mind you – the choice of the guy I went on a date with who arrived ‘high’ from the night before but that’s for another blog post when I get round to it!)

Mariana Gordan hosted an intimate ‘lunch party’ including Fabio Tedde (remember my Another Travelmakerkai Experience a couple of weeks ago when I met The Pianist Without Borders?) and myself as head judge… A position I honoured until the very last bite!

This video is in memory of those who’ve come and gone… And left us something special so we continue a tradition of food, love and laughter – and of course – some healthy competition!

Mariana Gordan (State Property) will be at University of the Arts London (UAL) “Diversity Matters Awareness Week” on the 19th April to give a talk about her new self-published book based on her cold war memoirs. BOOK NOW for an evening Exploring Personal Growth From Cultural Experiences Through Travel. FREE event. Booking essential CLICK HERE



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