Say hello to ‘Travelmaking Kai’ – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world!


I’m starting an exciting new venture which will take me around the world… This time through the perspective of a curious 6 year old girl!

After 3yrs of procrastinating (when I finish uni, when I get paid, when I get that job – all the when’s that came and went!) I’m proud to introduce to you; “Travelmaking Kai” – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world!


Sound familiar?

That’s because “Travelmaking Kai” is loosely based on my experiences and travels around the world found on this blog! I was flirting back and forth between “Travelmaker Kai” and “Travelmaking Kai”, however I went with the latter as it represents growth; finding and creating yourself through travel – it’s an ongoing process. It also means I get to stay as the original “Travelmaker Kai” (yes!)!

My best friend’s son grinning from ear to ear because the main character looks like him!

This children’s book venture is an ode to my younger self, and all the little girls and boys out there (and bigger ones too!) who still don’t see enough of themselves represented in books or cartoons – representation matters, right?! It’s important my protagonist character is bold and brave, curious and courageous, as these are characteristics that help her seek to learn about cultures different to her own. Travelmaking Kai is a contribution to the discourse around diversity with a strong message that we should celebrate ‘difference’ – that’s what makes us unique, and in many ways so similar!

So what does that mean for “Travelmaker Kai blog“?

Over the past few years I’ve had less of a chance to update this blog as regularly as I would have liked to, due to other commitments at the time. At university as ACS president I ran the UAL ACS blog, then ‘the EFed (Educationally Frustrated) Student’, then ‘Let’s Do Lunch‘ and finally my current platform Diversity Matters. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been longing to share recent travel experiences with you – I have! However I’ve now found a productive way to do with fuses my passions for diversity, educating the younger generation and travel, into a fulfilling outcome!

ABC ©travelmakingkai


I’ve already set up a blog and YouTube channel for Travelmaking Kai – you should check it out CLICK HERE! I’m in the early stages of the brand’s development before approaching publishers. I’m expecting to have samples of the first book printed by April 2018, however they’ll be lots of recourses available online suitable for children ages 3+ before then!

The whole project is self-funding and I’ve launched a ‘Go Fund Me‘ page for anyone interested in supporting this exciting project. Your contribution will be much appreciated! CLICK HERE to find out how you can support!

I’m also eager to work with; illustrators, graphic designers, animators, teachers and community leaders in any part of the world. If interested in collaborating please email


So now that you know where I’ll be when I’m not updating this blog – please don’t be a stranger – come visit Travelmaking Kai and join her on her trips around the world! I’d love to hear your feedback which you can share in the visitor’s book CLICK HERE or email me

It’s not goodbye – it’s I’ll be back!” Thanks for being loyal followers over the past 5yrs!


Kai x

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